Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mobilizing the Dream

I had a dream last night and it went on and on and on. And you know how dreams are they are very real often when you are in one.

I woke up and as an intuitive I realized that the dream was real. It wasn't just a dream it is what is happening on earth now in many ways.

Look back to understand what I'm saying: "How many people at Kitty Hawk believed that the Wright Brothers were going to succeed at heavier than air flight that day in 1903? Maybe the Wright Brothers and that's all?"

It's sort of like this now too.

I realized that there will be universities and are now teaching about the importance of growing organic foods, eating organic foods, spiritually unfolding in various ways, developing new ways to see the world, personal flying mechanisms that will allow people's lives to be different than they are now in new ways.

In my dream last night I was particularly taken with something that resembled what helium does but is likely a new kind of design where you don't have to have very much of it. Imagine a balloon elongated that you could stand on that didn't go much above your head that you could either sit in the middle of. Imagine the elongated types of balloons (only much larger) that you might make balloon animals out of. Imagine yourself sitting in the loop of that balloon or even wearing it on your back so you are just 1 pound in weight where each step you take might be almost a block long or something like that so 1 mile might be 12 steps. Imagine this sort of device and how it would change everything here on earth in various ways where you might with something like this jump in one leap across a river to go to work rather than drive 10 miles to the nearest bridge or have to take a raft across to go to work or to school. Imagine how much this would change people's lives in just inventing a much more concentrated form of something lighter than air like helium so it could be the next step in personal mobility.

Imagine climbing a mountain and falling with something like this in your back pack where instead of dying after falling 1000 feet you simply would only weigh 1 pound and so the force you would hit the ground with you could just bounce off one foot and be okay.

This would change everything. People could then do amazing things and not die. People could leap in one step one block at a time across rivers and highways safely. Of course in wind and storms you likely couldn't use something like this very safely. But, this would just have to be factored in along the way just like all the other variables we deal with in life every day around the world.

It might be nice to develop something like this because we are presently running out of helium by the way here on earth.

Note: I just looked up the fact that it is not that we are running out of helium, it is that helium (at the present price we are running out of). Any future helium (at this price) won't exist because the rest of the helium will be harder to come by so of course it is going to cost a whole lot more than the present (already obtained helium) presently on earth. end note.

However, this doesn't stop us from inventing substances to do what I'm talking about here. I suppose one option might just be that the batteries we are developing (like Tesla Batteries) will allow us to ride on a cushion of air generated by many tinier fans too.

But, I definitely sense that personal mobility in lighter than air personal mobility is going to change literally everything in the next 100 years however, that comes about. You don't need to go very far off the ground to make this possible by the way. For example, you might only need to be 1/2 inch or so off a road to make this possible thereby making it safer from failure you don't have very far to fall if it fails. You could even put safety wheels on the device if the batteries failed for some reason so the device could roll to a stop with automatic braking.

So, basically I'm writing about how potentially to mobilize my dream from last night after I realized it's all happening in real time already around the world.

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