Monday, January 8, 2018


If you study Crazy Wisdom masters down through history, they aren't like Trump at all except in one respect: You cannot predict with certainty anything they are going to do next.

The main difference I can see between TRump's version of Crazy Wisdom or (The Wisdom Beyond Logic) and other Crazy wisdom people including myself is that Trump is very selfish the way he aplies Crazy Wisdom and so resembles more Hitler than any other figure in this. So Trump resembles a "Crazy Wisdom " Dictator.

What is common to all CrazyWisdom personalities is they are completely unpredictable at each and every point because you don't know what they are going to do next.

If one were observing animals you might compare this behavior (on an extremely simplistic level) to how a squirrel behaves the way it moves erratically from one point to another when it is on the ground, (which also often leads to them being hit by cars if they are on the road by the way) but you can also see this behavior in deer as well where erratic moves often will save a deer's life at times that no one would or could expect from a deer or a squirrel.

If someone is less selfish than Trump this behavior would even be admirable. But, because he isn't thinking of what is best for our nation and mostly only thinking what is best for himself and his family, that's what makes this destructive to the ongoing survival of our nation and way of life and democracy.

So, in the end, Trump is right now as destructive in his own way to America and to the world as Hitler was to Europe and to the world in the 1930s and 1940s.

The ONLY way I know to stop the destruction he is bringing worldwide is to end his presidency through impeachment or resignation.

I think every nation except maybe Russia has a direct need to end Trump's presidency before it gets even more serious than it presently is worldwide.

Even Jesus was also Crazy Wisdom but at least he had the needs of everyone for thousands of years in his mind while doing what he did. Buddha was Crazy Wisdom and many other masters down through the ages too.

The problem with someone who is crazy wisdom who cannot be predicted like Trump is is all his actions are completely selfish which is why he is so dangerous to the whole world.

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