Thursday, September 26, 2019

Accepting that Time Travel and Time lines exist will tend to lengthen your lives


Because it's just the way things actually are and understanding how much has been withheld from mankind is a part of the maturation process. Lifetimes of 100 or 200 or 300 years of age or more are coming to those enlightened enough on these and other levels.

We are presently at a "Dividing of the way" where people who stay ignorant will tend to have their lifetimes drastically shortened by bad food, bad water, flooding, droughts and global warming in general.

At the same time those people who are enlightened enough to be open minded and studying everything they can about how to survive the future starting now will often increase their lifespans by 20, to 100 years or more just by doing this.

For example, if I hadn't prayed for a new wife and received the right person to be with by my mid 40s I would have been dead by 50. As it was I almost did die. But, it is obvious to me that if I hadn't married well in my mid 40s after a terrible divorce that I would have died (no questions asked) at age 50 when I got a heart virus. It's obvious.

Part of the reason for this was that my father and grandfather were so against the idea of doctors and hospitals that I knew nothing about doctors or the medical profession except in the greatest emergencies like "Stitches" or something like that. So, basically I didn't go to doctors at all or barely from about age 15 (after I recovered from Blunt Trauma Childhood epilepsy) until my late 40s when I got a heart virus and almost died. I didn't use anti-biotics at all. I didn't have regular check-ups. I never had vaccinations growing up because my parents didn't believe in them at all. So, because I had a superior immune system to most people and I ate organically grown foods and was a lacto-ovo vegetarian from birth until 32 I never had heath problems much at all after age 15. So, outside of heat prostration I didn't have physical health problems barely at all from age 15 until I was 50 years of age and then I almost died.

Then I was forced to retire by my wife so I wouldn't die and now I have been retired since 1998 in the Fall or for basically 21 years so far. So, what I'm saying here is unless you are open minded to changing a lot like I was you likely could be dead by 40 or 50 worldwide.

Now, I'm beginning to see the potential for possibly living to 90 100 or more. Is this a good thing? I suppose it depends upon your point of view doesn't it?

By God's Grace

Here is my truism regarding all this: "If you don't get interested in staying alive and healthy you soon will be dead!"

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