Sunday, September 29, 2019

Giuliani or Pence might be Trump's Scapegoat in all this: However, I don't think it's going to actually work

For a variety of reasons (the next 1000 years of democratically elected presidents for example), the presidency should be protected. However, Trump's crimes and so heinous it might not be possible to protect the presidency so this is very problematic for the future of the U.S. too as a democracy in a Republic.

But, Trump likely is going to bury Giuliani or Pence or both. And here is another problem because if he buries Pence in all this there will be no one to pardon Trump the way Nixon was pardoned by Ford when Trump is forced to resign (if that actually happens).

So, Trump burying Giuliani and Pence could also end our democracy too, especially Pence.

But, this is how all this looks like this might go right now.

But, I have found in life that "Truth is always much stranger than fiction" so what we are going toward is completely unpredictable.

For example, what happens if Trump starts killing Whistleblowers or anyone who even Says anything against him?

What happens then?

You might say, "Well. That can't happen." Well, I have news for you just look at countries around the world that aren't the U.S. Saying it couldn't happen here is wishful thinking folks!

Maybe the best thing you can do is buy a rifle and bullets if it gets that bad. Because you might need one before this is over!

Because there is absolutely NOTHING TO STOP Trump from killing whoever he wants around the world at this point and we all know he is capable of this (if he hasn't had people killed already we don't know about worldwide already).

Khashogi might be nothing to what Trump has already ordered around the world (even to our own soldiers and spies).

Because that is who he appears to be going after now.

IF you said to me: "Trump shouldn't be allowed to be president" I would agree with you.

But, how do we accomplish this without destroying our democracy that has existed since 1776?

And how to we protect the office of presidency for future presidents for the next 1000 years or more?

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