Saturday, September 28, 2019

The problem for Democrats in all this

Though it's very true impeaching Trump is the only ethical option for the Democrats at this point, all this is also fraught with many dangers, especially if you want to field a candidate to actually beat Trump.

From my present point of view, Biden is the Only single candidate that actually Could Beat Trump no matter what the polls say now. Why?

First of all, none of the other candidates have enough black middle Class support except Biden. Without the Black and independent votes no Democrat is going to win against Trump.

Biden is the ONLY candidate that appeals to the more moderately conservative Black Vote that are middle Class or above throughout the U.S. and Also appeals to Independents as well.

So, without Biden, Trump will win again.

For example, the Best Democratic ticket I have seen so far would be Biden for president and Elizabeth Warren for Vice-President. This ticket could easily win against Trump.

But, all the lies and dirt being thrown by Fox news against Biden and his Son could damage his standing (Biden's) and allow Trump to win anyway because of the impeachment.

So, to me, the danger is the Democrats impeach Trump and Biden gets screwed along with Trump, then Elizabeth Warren becomes the candidate for President and then Because Blacks and independents will NEVER vote for Elizabeth Warren as President, Trump wins again after being impeached by the Democrats in the House but not impeached by the Republicans in the Senate.

This is the danger right now!

If you want to beat Trump the ONLY one that can presently do that realistically is Biden because of the actual pragmatic dynamics in place.

We do not live in an ideal world we live in a very pragmatic world. So, if you want Trump gone, Biden is the ONLY choice possible!

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