Saturday, September 28, 2019

Could Giuliani go to jail for not testifying before the House?

Yes. First of all Giuliani doesn't have the protection of actually being a paid attorney for Trump. He doesn't work for the government and does whatever he does for Trump for Free? Because of this he doesn't have most protections and could actually serve jail time just like Haldeman and others served under Nixon because of his relatively unprotected Status.

Why doesn't Giuliani know this? I'm thinking he is slipping mentally into old age and not making a whole lot of sense to anyone except maybe Trump. What Trump and Giuliani have in common is that they are both narcissists and so this skews everything they think in a way that it wouldn't for most other people.

So, Yes. Both Giuliani soon and Trump eventually may serve time in jail because they don't seem to understand exactly how serious all this has become at this point.

However, both Democrats and Republicans in order to protect the presidency itself over the next 1000 years or more might shield Trump from ever serving time in one way or another. However, it is quite possible that Giuliani could die in jail and this I think is very sad because Giuliani was very useful to this nation especially around the time of 9-11.

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