Friday, September 27, 2019

As food becomes more scarce and more expensive the poorest will die of starvation around the world

For the poorest on earth, Climate change is an unending hell for them through starvation because for example, right now wheat production (especially in the U.S. will be severely affected from now on). So, as the price of bread and all things made with wheat go up and up and up worldwide, more and more people who are the very poorest will be eating less and less and less until they are no more. This is a given in Climate change. So, when people like Trump who are rich take their stance they are murdering the very poorest people all over the world without any mercy whatsoever.

And these people are going to be dying all over and their deaths likely will not be recorded by news media as they die worldwide ongoing from now on throughout this century and the next ones.

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