Friday, September 27, 2019

Why Deja Vus and remembering past lives might be important to you

I remember being about 5 years old and seeing all these people with long hair and dressed different than people did in 1953 when I was 5 and wondering what that was all about. Around 1970 in Balboa Park, San Diego this Deja Vu came true. These were people I was with in San Diego State University at the experimental College then in a course called "Universal Awareness". At the completion of the course we decided to meet (about 20 to 25 of us) at someone's home and continue our studies together into ESP like reading auras, soul travel, knowing what people were thinking, etc. During these Friday nights where we all continued to study together (college Students) I had a break through regarding Soul Travel while listening to a Moody Blues Record called "IN Search of the Lost Chord" specifically "OM" and "The Best way to Travel". This then led to a paradigm shift where I experienced being separate from my body in my soul and changed permanently how I saw everything. Before this it was only theoretical that everyone had a soul. After the paradigm shift it was no longer theoretical but scientifically actual for me. No longer could anyone convince me that I was just a body dying on earth like most other people. Instead I realized I was an immortal soul living in my body sort of like it was a car I drove around earth in sort of like a "Rental Car" that I just rented in Hawaii to transport myself more easily around.

So, Deja Vus and other intuitive experiences can completely change your life because then NO ONE can lie you just because they are confused about what is actually going on in everyone's lives.

By God's Grace

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