Sunday, October 30, 2011

Creating What you want in Life

The real problem of creating what you want in life is that it may not be what you really need. And then on top of that most people are dealing with all sorts of stuff and unuseful ideas from their childhood that actually are counterproductive to actually being happy in life.

So, actually getting to where you want what will keep you alive and what is actually good for you is often quite a chore. But, if you are one of the lucky ones, you will eventually get there. I personally haven't found that just training one's mind by going to college is the answer all by itself. Because going to college is only a tool like a hammer with which you can either build a house or knock yourself out with it over and over again or maybe you just won't get up one of those times.

So, in my experience common sense and intuition likely is going to take you where you actually want to go faster. However, if your common sense and intuition aren't easily accessible and you just train your mind college style it might be hard to get to the deeper senses for real time ongoing survival here on earth.

Buddhists call the heart the Buddha mind which basically means that your most important mind is in your heart. In fact, my daughter was telling my how the heart contains some brain cells which I thought was pretty interesting and puts a whole new slant on everything.

If you really want to create what you want in life you have to really "Know Yourself" first. Otherwise, it doesn't always work that well. Once you know yourself then you can ask God for what you want and then it all actually has some meaning when he gives it to you.

If you haven't studied Buddhism the following might not be useful to you. For example, A Buddha might say "All Beings ARE Bliss and the Cause of Bliss" Because this might be considered the natural state of all beings. So, if that wasn't what beings were experiencing by his experiencing their reality as this it might change to Bliss. It is a lot like positive thinking. You can't even lift up your arm if you don't believe you can. So, by believing that the natural state of all beings is bliss you help to create it.

I wrote the following as a part of a longer group of my ideas at my poems page at:

dragonofcompassion - poems

Be very careful
what you desire
You may get it

I have noticed that what one desires one tends to create. So literally you have to be very careful what you desire.

 For example, when I was young often I would desire a  beautiful woman. But that alone doesn't make anyone very happy either at all or for very long just by itself. Now, I suppose if you asked for a beautiful woman that would be your friend and companion your whole life that might be something. But even then you might have to financially support her and this could also cause all sorts of problems. So, you might ask God for a beautiful woman who would be your best friend who was rich. Now, by itself this also sounds really good and innocent but this also could cause problems of one kind or another. But then, what if you asked to be a custodian of God's wealth because you knew you were ready to be of help to God in this way. Then maybe if you had lived long enough and had become enlightened enough along the way and had developed compassion for all life in the universe this might be a good thing. In the end everything depends upon motivation towards yourself and all life in the universe. Understanding this is half the battle towards full enlightenment and living with God(if you believe in God.)

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