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The Spirit of Rob Henderson

Note: I started the day yesterday at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh next door to the J.K. Rowling suite on the 5th floor. I had had a visitation from heaven of my relatives of the Henderson Clan and all my Scottish Relatives who wished to visit me that were still in heaven for almost a thousand of years now.  I got up early the next morning with my family and my wife and younger daughter and I headed out for our rented Mercedes to head to the airport. Our GPS kicked in as my wife struggled with the touch screen interface and we dropped off our rental car at the airport on time and made our flight to London to catch our Polar Flight back to San Francisco (11 hours flight time). The flight to London from Edinburgh is about 1 hour. Somewhere over Greenland during the polar flight home the Spirit of Rob Henderson came to me and so I was able to write it clumsily on the IPhone (if you have ever tried to type at length on an IPhone built in touch screen keyboard you know what I'm talking about). (I used the notes feature built into my IPhone 4.) Note:  The word arne also refers to the central stone on the floor of traditional Norwegian homes upon which the fire that provides the heating/cooking needs was lit. Similarly, the word "Arne", is used in Danish for the flame in a fireplace or old-fashioned oven or stove. reference from Wikipedia.

As a life long intuitive I have no doubt that this was one of my relative's experiences. I'm less clear if his name was really Rob, but I'm very clear his name was Henderson. I'm less clear about the actual date. But I'm very clear about the experience he had. I tried to be faithful to how people actually felt about things back then (especially men) that I heard in his story as he relayed it to me. I'm very pleased and grateful he shared his story with me and now with you. I think we all can benefit from the wisdom of someone gone to heaven now since the 1200s  and his family there with him.

My name is Rob Henderson. I live in Scotland in the Year of our Lord 1232 AD. I'm just 21 years old and a father and a husband since I was 15 years of age. I have been chosen today by our local Henderson Tribal Clan Leader to carry a very important message to the chieftain of the whole Henderson clan not 25 miles away. My wife and bairn (child) cried when she heard of my going and she wailed like a wounded Banshee and told me not to go. I just told her it was my turn and my duty to the Clan to go bearing this important message.

Although as I set out at a jog in my warm kilt and winter shoes in case it started to snow, I started to worry that maybe my young wife was right. I looked out on the horizon and thought it looked like it might snow. This didn't help matters at all. But I was young and strong and couldn't lose face by not going and doing my duty in front of all the men and women folk of my Clan. They said things like, "Come jog back here tomorrow if the weather permits. Your young wife needs you and to know that you are well."

I said, "Okay" and uneasily went on my way. Unfortunately, climbing down a cliff like short cut I had always favored as a boy, a wild stag snorted nearby and startled me and I fell as a result and broke my leg. It was a compound fracture between my right ankle and the knee. But I was about in the middle of my journey between my home village and the next Henderson village, so I set my leg as best as I could alone and tried not to pass out from the pain and knew my wife would at the very least be very angry at me now for falling and badly hurting myself. So, unless I at the very least got the message through to the Clan Leader there literally would be no end to it for me. As the snow fell stronger and stronger and I got weaker and weaker I started to think I might not make it and that I might die. Then I made a fatal mistake. I hobbled on my crutch and wooden home made splint too fast and fainted from the pain. As I woke up I saw blood spurting from my upper thigh. I remembered then how the village herbalist and midwife who delivered my son saying how she had seen someone die like this. So I did what she said to do in this kind of case. I tore part of my shirt into a tourniquet to stop the bleeding so I could build a fire to heat the blade of my sword. I would heat the blade until I could burn the wound closed and scar it which should stop the bleeding. I finally succeeded in this only to freeze to death all alone in the snow and whiteout. It wasn't that bad in the end. I had lost so much blood I just fainted and never woke up. I found myself finally standing outside my frozen  lifeless body just like the midwife woman said happens when you die. So, I wasn't scared of dying. In fact, in some ways I found dying easier than living. I wasn't so much worried for myself but more worried about my wife and bairn and of my close family and extended Clan.

My body lay there as I prayed for my soul and the soul of my tribe. Soon, when I didn't return the next day, my best friend Arne was sent out to find me and deliver the message to if he found me okay. But he found me in the snow all frozen and dead and so he cried because he didn't want to find me dead and didn't want to carry this bad tiding back to the tribe.

Since the storm had passed he laid me out and covered me with my cloak and weighed it down with large rocks. Then he ran back to fetch some strong men and something for them to carry me home on. I stayed by my body until the men returned. They carried my body back and I followed. The herbalist and midwife woman (healer) of our tribe met the men with my body and talked to me and began to call in family members of mine who had already passed on into heaven to come get me. Then she told me to go with them so I did. Next, she sent a boy to fetch the priest in a nearby church to say words for me and for my family and people.

Suddenly, my already passed on relatives and I were in a springtime like place that reminded me very much of my village in springtime with the flowers blooming. Though I missed my wife, child, friends and family I also had missed all my relatives gone on before me. So I was very happy to see all my relatives that I had been missing so long. And the next time someone died (my wife) from losing me, I asked her what happened to our bairn (my son)? She told me that Arne and his wife took our child in as their own and my wife and I settled down to our life in heaven there until our child grew up and died in a battle about the same age as me when I died by accident. Then all three of us were together once again. And this went on and on as all our relatives one by one died and came to live with us in our heaven there until our relatives here in heaven met with hundreds and thousands of our relatives  in the Balmoral Hotel almost a thousand years later here in Edinburgh, Scotland while visiting our descendant here writing all this down for you now.

Note: After Rob told me his story I found myself crying. Tears streamed down my face in the closeness I felt with my ancient and not so ancient relatives. The thought that just by dying I could be with all my friends and relatives actually was quite a comfort to me after being told this story by my ancestor Rob Henderson.  It touched me also as I remembered two of my best friends from childhood dying in the last 5 years that I had had to face just like Arne here did. You have to go on without your friends as they die because the rest of your family and friends need you to. This is one of the powerful lessons in all our lives.

I was also very touched by Rob's manner of speaking and expressing himself. He seemed relatively fearless and strong but also vulnerable the way all humans are. However, when his death came he faced it like a man, unafraid, waiting for his just dues. And so there wasn't the fear that might have taken heaven away from him. He just knew his place and had no doubts at all where he was going when it was his time to go. Such faith is an inspiration to witness. What a gift it was that his family all eventually joined him in heaven and that he could share this with all of us now in this way! I'm very taken with the natural strength of these people, my ancestors. We would all do well to become stronger and live closer to our deepest beliefs as well, just as they did.

I was amazed by the steadfast and simple but powerful and efficient way my ancient and not so ancient relatives both perceived and some still perceive reality. I found being around my ancestor relatives very powerful and useful, like when in a large family gathering when you are a child. It makes me feel like I am  not alone and it gives new meaning and purpose to my life.  More than ever before I see how Meridian is my Future life. If you want to know more about Meridian "Eridian" read:

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