Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Movement goes Nationwide

Democrats Seek to Own 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

As the world watches the "Occupy Wall Street" movement go first nationwide across the U.S. it may also go worldwide to a greater or lesser degree as well. Just like the "Tea Party" movement within the U.S. expressed Rightest and independent Righteous Anger, the Occupy Wall Street movement also taps into Leftest and independent populist anger swelling up from the grass roots everywhere. 

I think it is important to understand that if both these movements were not in progress I would worry much more about the ongoing survival of western democracies. But with both movements in progress which are beginning to express a variety of complaints regarding the insane transitional nature of todays western and worldwide societies I have hope for a better future for all in the long run. Even though "Occupy Wall STreet" is mostly now about venting the anger of the young and their inability to get jobs with or without a college degree and of being forced in many cases to be homeless and/or living on food stamps nationwide. These problems the way things presently look might just get worse for up to 10 years if we are to take the stance of the U.S. Fed seriously. In the meantime people are starving and going bankrupt from student loans once they graduate from college when they can't get a good enough job. Both the anger of the Tea Party and the anger of "Occupy Wall Street" can only grow in Crescendo as a result. If people become aware of what they are angry about, often then they can begin to find ways to fix those problems one way or another. And with demonstrations often ways can be found that don't result in bloodshed as long as the demostrators are allowed to peacefully demonstrate.

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