Monday, November 27, 2017

How does one reconcile being a Mystic in a very temporal and difficult world?

A soul is forever
So, one in realizing that their soul is forever can easily be a mystic and full of wonder the rest of their lives.

It is only when people get too caught up in death and fear that they lose their wonder and start to get cynical and die inside.

So, being a mystic is the opposite of being cynical.

From 18 to 25 I was often cynical during this time.

But, at core I had been a mystic since I was born from my mother and grandmother who were mystics also (Christian Mystics). Both my mother and my grandmother were pure blooded Scottish and so carried the Celtic Mystical Christian point of view along with them wherever they went.

The problem I deal with was I was too idealistic along with being cynical (which is paradoxical in itself) in my teens and early 20s. This nearly caused my young suicide during age 21 to age 25 especially.

I eventually had to evolve into pragmatic compassion or compassionate pragmatism because I couldn't survive being as idealistic and paradoxically as cynical as I was then.

But, having developed compassionate pragmatism and efficiency in all things I found my wonder returning in my 30s and an efficient return to mysticism and mystic Christianity, mystical thoughts but this time in a completely pragmatic compassionate way. From this efficient point of view I was also able to embrace mysticism in Buddhism and eastern religions as well from India. I found mystics from India, Nepal and Tibet especially in tune with my spirit and mind stream.

And from this I understood how to help the human race live on for millions of years as a civilization here on earth. And this blog is one way to help this come about.

Souls embody here on earth from literally every time and space and galaxy. They come from literally every time and space in the Universe as well as no time and no space.

So, seeing the Earth as a platform of evolution sort of like a university for souls from everywhere and every when might be the most useful way to view this.

By God's Grace

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