Tuesday, November 28, 2017

It is more likely than ever now there will be a nuclear confrontation with North Korea


I listened to Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina today on CNN  and it was obvious to me what is coming now. Either China gets more involved now or there is going to be a nuclear confrontation. IF Trump were not the president I likely wouldn't be saying this but there may be no way out and only a matter of time now before North Korea ceases to exist.


Mostly I realized today as I was putting it all together it's like this:

Pakistan's nuclear weapons technology came originally from North Korea. This is a fact.

So, North Korea wants to sell nuclear and hydrogen bomb technology to nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran who definitely would be interested by the way if the price was right. And there are many other nations waiting to buy from North Korea too.

Because of this it is more likely that most  all nations on earth would support directly or indirectly the U.S. nuking NOrth Korea to prevent this. Because it would be a way to prevent nuclear war and radiation from drifting into Europe and Africa from detonations in the Middle East with technology from North Korea.

The other problem is if we let North Korea have an ICBM hydrogen bomb or bombs then they could also use these bombs to blackmail literally any country into almost anything couldn't they?

So, this is why North Korea likely will go down (even if 10 to 25 million people directly die and millions more from radiation in South Korea and China and possibly even Japan go down too from radiation drift after the war on the winds, waves and through the water tables worldwide out from the epicenters of the strikes.

I'm sorry to say this but I realized this likely is what is going to happen now.

But, remember I'm sharing all this in the hopes that you all can somehow create a better outcome than this too.

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