Monday, November 27, 2017

Which helps clouds to form: Pollution, Dust, Salt or All of them?

All of them.

So because of the increasing amounts of pollution it is causing even more clouds to form over oceans and lands. And as these clouds form they also occlude the sun. The water isn't as effected by this because heat goes deep into water so water more easily becomes literally (a reservoir of heat) especially the oceans.

However, land is affected much differently and as lands are more quickly cooled (the top 6 inches of rock or soil or even cement, the lands cool especially during winters. So, with more cloud cover caused by more dust, more pollution and possibly even more salt? (not sure about salt) except for salt air near oceans over lands. also, if you go 1 to 3 feet deep soil or rock isn't as affected as water is by heat either.

You might make the statement that lakes often freeze over easily in winter time in northern States but this is much less true of oceans at the same latitude. So, oceans literally become reservoirs of heat more and more especially being blue instead of white from ice so they absorb more and more of the heat of the suns rays further and further north changing the temperatures of the oceans becoming warmer more and more of each year now.

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