Tuesday, November 28, 2017

If you are a woman and have an "unexpected dalliance" with a married rich man

Often you can expect to be "Paid off" in some way so you won't tell anyone about this. It can be anywhere from becoming his mistress on the side in a nice apartment somewhere to talking with his lawyers who will give you money to shut up about what happened. But, if you take this money you can legally never say anything without likely either going to jail or other consequences. All this is really really tricky too because you don't know when this man may revert to another side of him and you might disappear if he becomes frightened enough about your potential affects on his life. So, any kind of expected or unexpected dalliance either wanted or unwanted is very dangerous because people with money always have the financial capacity to hire someone to make you disappear. So, it might be important for all women to understand the imbalance extreme wealth brings into all situations. So, it is important to talk to your daughters or grand daughters about this sort of thing in case they encounter it in life.

But, here's another problem, often rich men of any age might not tell you they are rich, even though if the man is above 30 in age it likely will be generally more obvious, but even then only if he is a city kind of guy and not a suburban or Country guy.

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