Thursday, January 11, 2018

In our Souls we are Free

In this lifetime I have done a lot of personal research into the nature of our souls. And here are basically some of the things I have found to be true.

1. Though people can believe they don't have souls for various reasons, doing this is a lot like not believing that you  have arms, legs or a brain.

Though a person can do this, (and some have and likely more will in the future) how useful really is this?

2. Children are born with full senses of their souls. But, often children are dominated by others who are older (who don't believe in anything) as a way to enslave these children and to further separate them from their knowledge of their souls so they can manipulate them, and financially enslave them and to psychologically enslave them and to make them afraid.

3. So, having a mother and grandmother like I did, they encouraged me not to lose my senses beyond the 5 and to not talk to strangers outside the family about this at all.

4. So, for me, I never lost my ability to see and to communicate with Angels even today at almost 70.

5. In addition to this after I met the Archangels of Michael's band (7 to 9 or them I believe) when I was 2 I still had contact with Archangel Michael and likely the others through out my life after I was 2.

6. Michael would inform me when there was danger of any serious sort so I could physically and spiritually survive whatever I had to encounter in life.

 7. I prayed from about age 5 on so I could "Soul Travel" like  angels do, I finally was given by God permission to "Soul Travel" through Bi-Location when I was in my early 20s.

After a very difficult first experience through Astral projection when I least expected it, when my arm went through the bathroom wall when I tried to turn on the light switch I knew I was in trouble. Luckily I had read what to do at a mystical bookstore in La Jolla called the Mythrus around 1970 or so so I walked to my body like I had read how this was done and laid back into my body which was shaking uncontrollably about then. Since I was alone in a desert cabin, this freaked me out so bad I got into my VW Bug and drove back to Rancho Bernardo where about a month or two later I experience of bi-location and I was okay with this because God showed me it was safe to Soul Travel through Bi-location but not through Astral projection. Because through bi-location you can still defend your body from intruders, whereas with Astral projection you usually cannot.

So, I learned to be in more places than one after that until now. First I learned to travel around the earth and then up into space and then eventually to the center of the Galaxy where I met who I call "The Galactic Sentience". Some people call this being "God" but he doesn't consider himself to be God or even a God. He considers himself to be a basically immortal being that doesn't live in time and space at all unless he wants to. His species actually created this galaxy in the first place.

I don't think calling the creators of the Galaxy an Alien Species is actually useful because they are not "Galaxy Born" necessarily and don't naturally live in time and space unless they want to for some reason.

This is basically why they are immortal because they can manifest in any time or no time at all anywhere.

So, their natural state I would call Being rather than call them "Temporal Beings". Their species is what our souls actually are here on earth.

The Creators were here before the Galaxy was created and their species creates all galaxies and so it could be said that since Time and Space ONLY exists really inside of a Galaxy that their species actually created time and space because it likely didn't exist before Galaxies were created.

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