Thursday, January 11, 2018

Retiring early might be the best thing that ever happened to you under the right conditions

What are those conditions?

1. you have to be someone that is a self starter.

what do I mean by that. First, long vacations don't scare you. Being retired is a lot like
A Winter, Summer or Spring Break from school that never ends.

So, everything both good and bad and neutral you experienced on long breaks from School growing up you might have to face in year around retirement too.

So, if you are a workaholic (addicted to your work) you might not survive retirement.

2. Is your spouse or significant other retired?

This is a really big one to avoid anger or jealousy to harm your relationships ongoing.

3. is your spouse or significant other your best friend?

This is a really big one too because if you ONLY got married because you were pregnant then you might not have enough common interests to stay together after one or both of you retire.

4. Are you invested properly no matter what happens on earth?
This is a really big one too because for example, you might not only want your home or homes paid for, you might also want a large stock portfolio with many different blue chip dividend bearing diversified stocks as well as non-taxable Muni bonds (because these did the best during the great depression). in other words people who had non-taxable Muni bonds did the best financially during tthe Great depression.

HOWEVER, now some cities have made their retirement packages unrealistic ongoing and this is causing cities often one by one to go bankrupt which could (if you have muni bonds for that particular city or municipality cause you to loose your principle in your tax free investments which could be bad for you if you ren't diversified through both Munis and Stocks enough.
5 So, if you can figure out what to do with yourself while you travel the world with your best friends sometimes too, this would be the best.

I can write effectively about this because I was forced to retire because of a near fatal Heart Virus when I was 50 years old. So, I have now been retired since 1998, almost died until May 1999 when my doctor finally was able to diagnose my heart virus and told me I might now have a normal lifespan as long as I continued to reduce my stress levels.

However, I recommend regular checkups and physicals. For example, I just had a basil cell carcinoma removed from my right ear lobe (likely because when I ski or hike or snorkel at places like the Hawaiian Islands often I miss my ear lobes with sun block.

So, especially if you are Nordic complected (you have white or whitish skin after around 40 or 50 (if you have been out of doors most of your life like me) you need to start seeing a good dermatologist so skin cancer doesn't take you out in any form.

Since 1995 when my aunt died of a melanoma
 I have had removed likely 10 or 15 squamish  cells and this is the first basil Cell carcinoma I have had removed. I have never had a Melanoma which is much much more serious which most people die from within 6 months to a year if they don't have a melanoma removed immediately before it metastasizes to other parts of the body. My aunt 's melanoma in 1995 went into her intestines and was fatal within 1 year or less from her right forearm.

So, having a really good skin diagnostician is imperative if you have been in the sun a lot as a surfer, mountain climber, skier, snorkeler and Scuba diver all over the world since I was 12 or 15 years old.

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