Saturday, January 6, 2018

My wife tells me I'm one of the most intelligent people she has ever met

Should I believe her?

I know that I'm not an intellectual genius. I've seen people that can mentally keep 20 to 100 variables going in their brain regarding mathematical or intellectual points and regurgitate those points add Nauseum back to me or to others. That's not my strength.

My strength is being an Intuitive genius. For example, being an intuitive genius means you are a survivor usually as opposed to someone who can memorize the constitution recite it verbally to a room of 10,000 people and then walk out and fall down the steps to the building and break their arm because they were so in their head they forgot the steps were there.

That's not me.

My strength is knowing things before they happen. For example, I would know that reciting the Constitution before 10,000 people likely wouldn't be in my or their best interests because unless these 10,000 people took the time (on their own) to read the U.S. Constitution they wouldn't remember a word of it anyway.

So, my strength is in staying alive and going places where I can stay alive and keeping my family and hopefully yours alive too no matter what happens here on earth.

And this likely is why my wife calls me one of the most intelligent people she has ever met.

Because I'm very practical about your survival and mine and all my children and friends and relatives.

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