Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Facebook's creepy stalker behavior

But for every article about Facebook's creepy stalker behavior, thousands of other companies are breathing a collective sigh of relief that it's Facebook and not them in the spotlight. Because while Facebook is one of the biggest players in this space, there are thousands of other companies that spy on and manipulate us for profit.
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Opinion: Guess what? Other companies are spying on you too

Don't just take my word for it millions around the world agree that Facebook and thousands of other companies around the world are stalking you and your children and your Granchildren 24 hours a day collating all they can find about each and every one into something that they can sell to "ANYONE WHO WANTS TO BUY INFORMATION ABOUT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN.
And if you don't believe that Facebook and thousands of other companies are these Creepy Stalkers then likely you shouldn't be on the Internet because then you are an obvious victim and in danger, rather than a self aware educated person understanding exactly what you are getting into and making conscious informed Choices.
For example, there are two other companies that I know about that are almost as bad as Facebook is: Google and Uber who are also selling all your information.
But, like it says in the article there are thousands of others who have jumped on the money bandwagon after seeing all the money Facebook and Google and Uber and others make selling intimate secrets about your children and grandchildren.
Why do these thousands of companies get away with doing this? They get away with it because they don't tell people openly what they are doing with their information. And they can't and stay in business. This is reality.
If these thousands of companies were honest and came clean with the people of the world they would all be out of business in about 2 weeks. But, they have no monetary motivation to EVER tell you the truth about any of this. Because this would put them out of business quickly, all of them.

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