Thursday, January 24, 2019

His Story or History

The Very word means "His" "Story". In other words it doesn't mean any of the stories are true at all. So, most of history (if you traveled back in time and actually viewed what happened as it happened) wouldn't be anything at all like what History says simply because "It all depends upon the eye of the beholder.

So, History is usually written by the victors or "To the Victors go the spoils".

For example, who won World War II.

The U.S. won world war II and most other nations were financially destroyed by it. All except the U.S.

So, who wrote the history of World War II?

The U.S. and England and France and a few other nations like Russia. That's who actually wrote history for World War II. The winners.

So, how much of the History of World War II is true?

That's probably not the most useful question here.

The most useful question might be: "How did those that physically survived World WAr II cope psychologically?

Because American soldiers came home and committed suicide and killed themselves and their families and their friends in droves after that war. This happens after every war down through history.

So, a better way to put this is: "Who survived physically?" And then "Who survived psychologically that survived physically?"

So, what then is history. It is written by those who survived trying to cope with what happened to them without killing themselves or others. This is what history actually is.

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