Sunday, January 27, 2019

Why Allowing ALL points of view to have Free Speech is important

Even if you hate the point of view that is talking if you take away that point of view from the public's chance to hear it, sooner or later your point of view will be blocked from public view as well.

So, the ONLY way to maintain a free society is for people to have a right to literally say anything at all in public. If you take away this right your right to free speech will also be taken away as a matter of course.

This is just how things work in the world.

And eventually all points of view would be taken away as well as the freedom to even have a point of view and everyone would either be a slave or be killed.

Understanding this one understands why free speech is important all over the world.

So, the next time someone says something you hate or maybe you want to hit them or throw a rock at them or kill them for that point of view, just remember your right to your point of view depends upon them having the right to speak their point of view too.

This is just how the world actually works in the beginning, the middle and the end.

Even Trump has the right to speak as a KKK sympathizer and Putin has a right to have his point of view heard too. However, when anyone imposes their point of view on others then they have to be stopped. The people need to have the right to vote their conscience and as long as the people can do this without interference good can prevail in this country no matter what problems we are facing worldwide.

The problems arise when ANY point of view is muzzled. Too many people don't understand that this is how Hitler Started. When you muzzle any point of view you begin to muzzle ALL points of view and begin the slippery slope to slavery and death for everyone on earth.

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