Sunday, January 27, 2019

Understanding how this site is set up and programmed

If you look at the top 10 word buttons at the top of this page you see the articles 1 through 10 of the most popular articles people are reading around the world as of right now of the last 30 days. This is done automatically through programming by the way as people visit articles at this site. So, I am not directly involved in this except my daughter programmed this feature a few years ago now. It originally only gave you the top 5. It was such a popular feature that I modified the programming to 10 articles instead of 5 eventually.

I also put to the right usually every day what people are reading (within the last 24 hours) and what people are reading in the last 168 hours or 7 days also.

To your left and down a little are the most read articles of all time at this site. For example,


This one article has had 29,735 visits to just this article over time.

The most visits to this site in one month is about 100,000 visits
and so far
 people have visited this site as of right now. 

Thanks for visiting my site and Have a Great Day!

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