Friday, January 25, 2019

What actually happened today?

I think it started with the Senate Votes where the Democratic version of opening Congress got more votes than the Republican one did where Romney, And Alaskan and Main Senators and other who are Republican voted for the Democratic Bill over the Republican one. The Republican party in small ways is starting to peel away from Trump: At least as far as the Shutdown is concerned.

Second, Roger Stone was arrested by the FBI in an early morning raid (likely without Trump's direct knowledge). But, even though it was all SWAT like in appearance on CNN it was said that this is the normal way that the FBI arrests someone like this in order to prevent loss of digital information so people don't destroy their digital records of phone calls or texting.

Then today when Roger Stone did the double peace or double Victory signs (depending upon your point of view) of Nixon you kind of wonder whether Stone was telling Trump to Pardon him (OR ELSE) he would have to spill the beans on Trump which would likely impeach the president.

So, as Guiliani and Trump intimidate Cohen's family one wonders how long it will be before Trump also intimidates Roger Stone, his old friend as well. But, Stone has an ego like Trump and I think Trump had better watch out the badmouthing of Stone.

If Trump doesn't pardon Stone you just know that Stone is eventually going to sing and Trump will be impeached at that point. This is one way it could go now.

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