Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ask God: a license plate

I was driving down the freeway and saw a vanity license plate that simply said, "Ask God".

I began to think about what that meant and how it would affect everyone that read it. Then I started to think about the physics of how things would move if someone took that license plate seriously.

It wouldn't really matter if the person believed in God or not. It only would be necessary if someone accepted that there was a concept of God. From this point the life force and natural intelligence within everyone and everything in the universe would take over. I find the universe sort of generally helpful to all beings and consciousness and this sometimes I call God. If I wasn't an intuitive that could directly experience all life in this way I might react differently. But since I do, it is sort of like, "May the Force Be with You!" And in specific "May the life force of the universe be supportive to you as your family." So then by understanding that the whole universe instead of being your enemy is your family who will help take care of you as long as you take care of it one comes to the point of seeing the universe as a single organism and you are an organism and your body is a universe of many organisms that function much like the universe does in that all parts of your body work together for the greater good of the entire organism.

So, whatever you want to know, Ask God, Ask the Universe, ask the one organism of your body and the entire universe and find out the answers to everything you need to know!

Be free! Be Kind! Be helpful to the universe!

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