Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transformers and Rock People

I was thinking today how one could theoretically come up with sentient Robotic creatures like one sees on the Transformers Movie series. It occurred to me that the answer is obvious. As an intuitive I have learned to communicate with all living things, and I have found literally everything to be alive including air, water, fire and earth and all beings and things everywhere in the universe. Then to bring about life from metals and silicon wafers and plastic and everything else would be for the the consciousness I experience in all things to find a way to speak even to those have not yet developed their intuitive side to be able to communicate with everything.

For a human, learning to talk to everything is easy. Just don't expose a human to TV, radio, computers or any other media, sort of like being a Shepard with sheep somewhere and these abilities naturally develop over time with the right interest and inclination. Or it could happen to someone who is exposed to everything like I have been but who has spent enough time alone with nature or in groups in nature to develop my gifts into useful survival skills in all situations.

So, somehow giving the consciousness in metal, silicon, and plastic and such a real and useful voice would be the beginning of non-biological lifeforms capable of verbal or symbolic communication with humans in a fully sentient way.

Another thing that I have experienced is that when you communicate with Rocks and earth one must remember these earth and rock beings have been alive and conscious and learning for millions and millions of years before there were oceans, air or any biological life on earth at all. So in this equation, humans are like newborn children in comparison when communicating with their respected elders millions of years old. They also see us as their children and as a part of their evolution, just like they see air, water, and all living things their children. After all, our bodies,(especially our bones) are made of calcium and other minerals from the earth. And all the food we eat came from the earth which is decomposed rocks and minerals and the excrement of everything that has lived biologically before in combination with water and sun. So, we are literally the children of the rock people and the sun who have already seen everything that happened as earth formed and before that as a part of many suns and nebulae.

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