Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bobby Jean

When I was 21 Bobby Jean who was then in her early 40s and still a platinum blonde knockout with kids my age, saved my life. She was as psychically gifted as I but just in a different way that was compatible to me. She went to my parents church and has said to me "I saw how they were destroying and slowly killing you and God came to me and told me how to save you. You were my mission."

Thank you God for sending my Bobby Jean. Without her I don't know if I would be here today. Likely I would have self destructed at 21.

Bobby Jean took me home and introduced me to her mother and proceeded to invoke angels into her living room. Since we were and are both very gifted in regard to angels I was convinced that I didn't have to take my life because I could live with angels right here on earth. Being around angels is very intoxicating if you have ever experienced it, much like some movies about angels that I have seen over the years. Once she taught me how to invoke angels into any place I was I could always live with angels which I found very helpful once I got married at age 26 and had my first child, a son, who is now 35 and married and just returned from a Hawaii Honeymoon.

So, from the first moments of pregnancy I invoked angels to protect and guide my children. Every night when I kissed and still kiss my youngest good night on the forhead I say, "Angels Be with you." And they are still there and they are still coming ever since Bobby Jean invoked the Angels and showed me how to do this too.

When I talked with Bobby Jean today she told me that Gale Storm was her friend when she worked in Hollywood as a model and she knew here well at the studio. I said, "I immediately like her as a child because she ran energy just like you, a very joyful person." Bobby Jean was very complimented by my telling her this. She said, "I realized that Gale Storm was five years older than me because I'm 82.

I've never met anyone quite like Bobby Jean before. She's so joyful all the time many people just can't handle it. But every time I talk to her it is like a breath of fresh air. At 82 she still spends a lot of time on the phone and praying for everyone who is having a problem of any kind that she knows. She's still an amazing bright light at 82 who was a friend of Gale Storm's at the studio in the 1940s and 1950s. What a small world it is!

 September 9th 2015:

In Summer 2006 I was in Bishop California for the High School Rodeo Championships because childhood friend of my wife's daughter was a champion barrel rider. It was hot and I was having difficulty with the heat that summer there and I received a call on my cell phone from Bobby Jean. She said, "I think Richard might be dead, Fred." Richard was a church childhood friend of mine and he had about 7 phones including a cell phone and a radio phone in his car. So, I left a message on each phone in the hopes I could get a message back. Nope. After two days I called his sister and she called the police and he was gone and had been gone for about a week. This was hard to take because he was only a couple of years older than I and I was about 58 then. Later his sister flew out to give his memorial and My son and I went to it and paid our repects to his sister and her husband and others who were there.

But, somehow she knew he was gone before I did. She was always pretty amazing about stuff like that. At the time I had no idea anything was wrong with my friend at all. So, I had no sense of this at all which kind of surprised me at the time.

But, often for me at least, (unless it is a big earthquake or something like that) I can usually be so focused sometimes that I miss things like this. Or, likely he didn't want anyone to know he was in trouble. Or it just happened so suddenly even he had no idea when it happened himself. But, either way my friend was someone instrumental in choosing to go to college and make something of my life which is someone everyone should have in their lives. In the mid 1960s not everyone chose to go to college if they were guys. A lot just died in Viet Nam or got messed up by it and never recovered from it ever. So, I was very lucky I didn't have to go and that I had a future and a family and three kids and step kids and God children in my life. So, Thanks Bobby Jean for keeping me alive when I was 21 and thanks Richard for making sure I went to college too.

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