Thursday, November 10, 2011

Being Raised in a Cult

When I see someone who is definitely not Christian by their dress or actions I feel a lot of compassion for what they must be going through here in the U.S. Though I was raised a Christian Mystic it was pretty far out of the mainstream of Christian thought. I would say it was close enough to Christian Science for Christian Science to feel the sting of their competition and want them out of business in the early 1940s before I was born in 1948.

The main thing that I learned while being raised from age 4 on mostly in California was that if you were going to be raised in a cult there is no better place in the 1950s to be in one than Southern California because people even then tended to be more tolerant of other viewpoints than almost anywhere else in the U.S.

Even though that is true when I was 6 to 12 years old and when someone asked my religion I would tell them "It is similar to Christian Science". However, what I didn't tell them is, "We believe that Jesus wanted us all to become just like him through reincarnation." I've got to tell you that in the 1950s (I was born in 1948) that last statement would go over something like a lead balloon. So, it was much safer to say, "It is similar to Christian Science". Even though what we most had in common with Christian Science is positive thinking. As I grew up I noticed that people gave a lot of powerful prayers in unison. And I wondered about all that. As I grew up into my teenage years I realized that if a person realized that they were one with God and then wanted something to happen it just happened if God agreed with the wish. I found this to be pretty powerful stuff and that there actually was no real limit to what one could do if God agreed with you about wanting something to happen. However, as  human being I found that this was sort of scary in some ways in action, and so I decided to only do this in emergencies (mine or someone else's) and that is sort of how I have handled the situation ever since.

If you have ever seen "Mickey Mouse" in the Sorcerer's Apprentice you will get why I only use this kind of thing when emergencies arise. For once you discover this secret you have to be really careful. Because after all we are all only human and to not realize that we are all still human is to be soon dead.

So, even though Being raised in a cult and learning to know God this way taught me the secret of life I learned not to be stupid about the whole thing either.

So, literally, "One with God IS a majority" once you understand this. However, you and I are still human beings and not understanding that is dangerous.

So, most of the time I wait for emergencies and then I make things happen if God lets me and agrees with me. Most of the time He lets me know what he wants to happen so this part has become easy.

So, here is one of the secrets of life if you are wise enough to use it to benefit all life including yourself.

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