Monday, November 28, 2011

Sentient Artificial Intelligence

When most people hear of  Professor Jack Gallant of Berkeley, California and how his fMRI machine can turn people's thoughts into pictures they might think. "This is worse than a lie detector!" And that was my thought too. But then today I had another thought, "In regard to artificial intelligence since literally 1 picture is worth 1000 words, if you have a machine that can picture human thoughts then you have the seed machine necessary to create literally "Sentient artificial intelligence" by transferring the ongoing sequence of pictures of one brilliant mind over days and weeks into a receptor of artificial intelligence. This becomes then  literally "Biocom" of what I am writing about and eventually a real "Purple Delta 7" that I also write about. Eureka!

If you click on this and then scroll down to Chapter 9 you can read about what sentient artificial intelligence is all about. The beginning of it is something like the IPHone SIRI interface but the end result looks more like "Biocom" in Chapter 9.

dragonofcompassion - Memories part 8 and 9

Also, in case you are interested here is my archive about Purple Delta 7 as well

dragonofcompassion - Purple Delta 7



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