Friday, November 18, 2011

Consumers only an Income Stream to Bankers

Part of the problem of these times in America and the world is that the "Have's" now tend to see "everyone else" sort of like animals not as human beings. This disconnect I think started during the Viet Nam War when words like "Ethnic Cleansing" emerged as replacements for the more distasteful "Massacre all men women and children of an ethnic group" or the word genocide. By changing the way we speak about things people can become "expendible" to where only the rich matter to the rich. Unless we move back to "Nobles oblige" which is based upon "The inherent obligation of the rich or fortunate to help the less fortunate" we will continue to move towards "Ethnic Cleansing" as a way to reduce world populations. The proper way to reduce populations is through birth control and education. The higher educated populations around the earth are already below replacement and are at about 1 to less than 2 replacements for every 2 people in those areas on earth already.
begin quote:

David Mooney, chief executive officer of Alliant Credit Union in Chicago, one of the nation's larger credit unions, used to work at one of Wall Street's top banks, JPMorgan Chase. There's a vast cultural gap between Wall Street and his new world, he says: Old friends from the Street, he says, now jokingly refer to him as a "socialist." A credit union is supposed to be run in the interests of all members, he says, while commercial bankers tend to see consumers as customers who can be "exploited" by layering on more fees.
Says Mooney: "I don't say this lightly, but the consumer is simply an income stream and exploiting that is the purpose of the banking organization." end quote.

This particular world we presently live in where words like "ethnic cleansing" and other replacements exist for "Massacre" and "genocide" will tend to create a "French Revolution" scenario in many countries if people don't wake up soon. The veneer of civilization is crumbling around us. It is important to realize that if  "everyone isn't covered no one is ever going to be safe rich or poor."

Unless the 99% feel they have an equal or at least some chance at the top the top will have to build higher and higher gated fences. But even those fences will not protect them from a French revolution of starving people. If you remember your history ALL the aristocracy (the rich) of France were killed (men, women and children). If ethnic cleansing of the 99% economically is allowed like it has been, how soon will the ethnic cleansing of the rich's wealth be drained away too. We are all in this together. We all stand or we all fall together both nationally and worldwide.

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