Sunday, November 27, 2011

Past Lives

Over the years(since I was born) many people have told me about their past lives. Some of their tales are believable and some are not because they sound too much like a sit-com and some I have to reserve judgement on. It is said that General Patton remembered fighting in many battles as a soldier, captain and general going back several thousand years. I myself remember being a Christian fighting Muslims and then being born a Muslim fighting Christians several times back and forth through at least 4 embodiments until I gave up fighting all together and then meeting Saint Francis of Assisi and Milarepa in the next two lifetimes. And in those lifetimes being first a Catholic Monk of the Franciscan order and then a Cave Yogi under the Tutelage of Milarepa. To the best of my knowledge I haven't had to be a soldier since about 1000 AD because of meeting them both because through deep  prayerful lifetimes I changed my karma.

note: (some people believe that St. Francis and Milarepa were two of the incarnations of St. Germain.)

I find it harder to remember female embodiments (even though I know there have been many). So, I tend to remember female embodiments where I was sort of masculine in attitude like being born in a Scandinavian Country and being about 6 feet tall and able to fight when necessary because I was trained in both hand to hand combat and with a bow. But I didn't try to go up against swordsmen or spearmen in that lifetime. I was mostly just interested in self defense of my family and tribe. So, obviously this also was before 1000 AD.

However, I also have realized since I remember all these lifetimes and incarnations that time means nothing at all to any soul. It is as if a soul manifests all lifetimes at once because time and space is like a hologram more than it is real. I was watching a PBS TV program where many physicists have come to the conclusion that reality is only 2 dimensional and that we live in a holographic universe that is projected somehow three dimensionally from this real 2 dimensional world. Well. That's what they say anyway. So, if you remember being a human or alien or tree or tiger or other animal or bird it is not as far fetched as you might have thought before. My stepson when he was 8 could actually talk to birds and would follow their instructions with great results. One time we lost his cat out the window of our then 1971 VW Camper van in the early 1980s near the beach.  The cats name was "pinky" and he was  a very big Garfield type orange male tom cat. So, my step son  cried because he was only 8 when this happened. Then we went to his grandparents house and the birds outside their house told him where his cat was. So, his mother drove over and got the cat from the monastery where the Catholic nuns had tied up the cat waiting for the owner to retrieve it. The nuns were tuned in too, obviously to have known to catch and to tie up the cat for my stepson's mother  to retrieve "Pinky" the cat. (He had a pink nose). True story. One of many.

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