Friday, November 11, 2011

The Find function is very useful

 I use Firefox(however, if you use Internet Explorer or Safari likely there might be this function too) and when I look up towards the left hand upper corner of my screen it says from the left "Firefox, then File then Edit. If I click "Edit" it takes me into a screen that says towards the bottom "Find". If you click on this you will notice a find small window will open up on the bottom of your screen. If you click any word or group of word on any web page it will find that word or group of words. This can be very helpful when editing to find a specific word if it is unusual or unique. Even if it is not a unique word you can often find it on the page simply by typing in the word and then clicking on next until you come to the place on the page you want. On my screen it lights the word up in green. However, you can also click "highlight all" and it will highlight all the words on the page that you have typed in the find box at the bottom of the page.

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