Friday, November 11, 2011

Stromae - House'llelujah

My 15 year old daughter left a button on the family desktop IMAC to I clicked on it sort of curious. Up came a man singing in French something called "House'llelujah" in French. Then I asked for an English translation of the lyrics and found this site if you are interested:

However, for some reason the results wouldn't copy over to my site here, so you'll have to click on the site above to see the full English translation of the French lyrics. I found I like this music as well as the translation and felt the music writer was on to something here.

My daughter is taking her 3rd year of French right now in Prep School and we went to Paris and Nice for 10 days about 2 years ago now. If you have never been to Paris or Versailles it is almost like a Disneyland for people in love like they say. Even visiting there with your kids is quite remarkable if you are a romantic at heart. You are surrounded by art on buildings and bridges and everywhere you look  near the Seine River and you can take a ride on one of the riverboats on the Seine at night with someone you love or your whole family or friends. You will never forget it! The easiest boats to get on are right next to the Eiffel Tower there in Paris there on the Seine River.

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