Tuesday, December 30, 2014

how do you change batteries on a black diamond headlamp?

I bought a Black diamond Headlamp within the last few months so I could go into Ice Caves (volcanic) ones around Mt. Shasta. It was great fun and much better than holding a light in your hands, (especially if you are falling down at the time) which I did once in one over by Medicine Lake. I believe it was called the Jot Dean Cave. Luckily, I didn't break anything when I turned my ankle on a rock and landed on sharp spiky volcanic rocks in the cave.

However, when I put my head lamp zippered in my ski jacket parka I kept finding it turned on which is upsetting if you don't have 3 triple AAA batteries at the time if you need it for something. But, I watched the top youtube video called: 

Black Diamond Spot LED Headlamp! - YouTube

And the fellow seemed older and therefore very thorough and very happy to have such a bright 90 lumen headlamp for hiking at night .(sounds like a fisherman). So, soon I saw how to change batteries because I friend who was more familiar with the headlamp put them in last time for me. Also, I like the swivel it has to turn the lamp more downward if you need it closer to where your hands might be working on one thing or another in the dark like your car or tent or stringing up a hammock or something when making camp somewhere. Anyway, this headlamp came highly recommended by anyone who had owned one before or who still owned one today.

So, since it seemed to tend to turn itself on in a ski parka I wear for skiing and to the beach in winter when it's cold maybe I need to not leave it there or to take the batteries out when I'm not using it or something? Haven't decided yet.


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