Saturday, December 27, 2014

My experience of the 2004 Tsunami here on the U.S. Mainland

I have written about this before but since this is the 10th anniversary of it I'd like to share my experience of it as an intuitive.

I had been scared the whole month before this Earthquake and Tsunami because the Heaven realms came very near to the Earth. This usually means a whole lot of people are going to die and pass over at once.

The problem for me is I didn't know WHERE this was going to happen so I feared me and my family were going to die for this month.

So, when I got up Christmas Day morning here in California and my father in law was watching this on CNN Live as it was happening I was very relieved it wasn't me or my family that was going to die. However, I felt very sad for the 250,000 people in Indonesia, Thailand and India and Ceylon and other islands and places that did die this day.

Within a week or two the Heaven realms returned to their normal distance around the Earth filled with hundreds of thousands of new people who had passed away during the Tsunami of one thing or another.

And millions of people like myself were permanently changed in one way or another by this experience worldwide.

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