Saturday, December 27, 2014

What overpopulation is presently doing to mankind

The best example of overpopulation is the Middle East where you have limited water and tillable land and where you have the Muslim religion that basically might kill you if you practice birth control. So, around 1960 to 1970 the wrong decisions were made regarding this. So, now millions and millions of people are suffering the full consequences of this now.

In Sociology and Anthropology exactly what is happening could be predicted easily before Arab Spring began to happen. The Middle East was ripe for Change.

Here are the basic dynamics. Not enough tillable land and water. Add to this no birth control and the predominant Muslim religion that might kill you if you practice birth control. This was a disaster Sociologically waiting to happen.

Now, we see the results when you have more young people under 30 to 35 with no hope for a good job or a place to live to get married and to raise family for 50% to 60% of the people under 35 in the Middle East.

You have exactly what has been happening there since about 2000 when this started to be really critical to the average person's survival and quality of life.

You also have one religion as a way not to go extinct killing everyone of every other faith so their faith doesn't die out.

This is exactly what happened in the Old Testament when groups were in the Middle East. Overpopulation was a problem then and their solution was the same as ISIL which is to extinct all religious views but their own.

But, the long term result of doing this ongoing by both sides (or however many sides there actually are) is the nuking out of existence of all the holy cities of the Middle East.

The only practical resolution to all this can only come from birth control. Without birth control the whole middle East will eventually nuke right out of existence.

Those who see this like I do are ahead of the game.

If revenge is all there is the Middle East nukes completely out of existence and won't be habitable for anyone human to live there for likely thousands of years after this happens, even holy places like Jerusalem and Mecca and others.

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