Friday, December 22, 2017

Learning to be a healer

Healing is an agreement between you and God.

Another way to view this that healing is an agreement between you and Life.

You could say it is a contract of course if you wish.

But, it is realizing what a problem was and letting it go and forgiving yourself and giving it to Life or God or both and moving on.

This is the essence of all healing right here.

Doctors don't heal.

At best they only facilitate healing. They don't heal.

Doctors  around the world are upset that they can't do more than they can do.

Real healing takes place in the hearts and minds of the Healed.

You can have the best operation by a doctor and the patient dies anyway. Why?

Because the patient couldn't forgive themselves enough to stay alive.

Their covenant with life and God was broken and they wouldn't let it be repaired so they die.

And doctors and nurses will tell you this kind of thing happens all the time where people die for no

reason other than their psychological state.

And in the end the best doctors on earth cannot heal people's relationships with themselves and others and God.

So, learning to be a healer actually is about finding people who are willing to heal their relationships with Life and God and other people. Then and only then can real healings take place.

By God's Grace

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