Thursday, January 4, 2018

Pew Poll: more negative assessments than previous presidents for Trump

In the first 60 days of office only 5% of the assessments of Trump were positive.

Lets compare Trump's 5% positive assessments to other presidents
                      Obama  42% positive assessments
                      Clinton  27% positive assessments
                          Bush  22% positive asessments

Negative assessments of Trump: 62%
Negative asessments of   Clinton:28%
Negative asessments of    Obama:20%
Negative asessments of     Bush:   28%

Neutral assessments of TrumP: 33%
Neutral asessments of   Bush:    49%
Neutral asessments of   Obama  38%
Neutral asessments of  Clinton:  44%

This if from a Pew Poll on Cnn Headline news on CE Cupp unfiltered on 1/4/18

To me the most unbelievable asessment  is Trump's 5% positive assessments. How can any president make his administration work with only  5% positive assessments.

In Europe any Prime Minister would be thrown from office and resign with figures that low. Only in America is it possible to have that low of an assessment and stay in office. How crazy is this?

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