Thursday, January 4, 2018

Legally, because of the first amendment of Free Speech Trump cannot stop this book

However, once the book is published Trump can Attack Bannon for releasing "State Secrets " in that he signed an affadavit that he would not share information like this with the public when he was in the White House with Trump. But, Bannon likely has lawyers too. My point of view is Bannon is trying to bring down the president and get TRump impeached or get him to resign at some point before his first term ends.

This might happen the way things are presently going. Trump trying to stop this book just made this book maybe the most popular book on earth either in paperback or Kindle. likely both. Tomorrow you can get a copy of it in Kindle or in paper almost anywhere in the U.S.

So, Trump more than anything else is making sure almost everyone reads this book. This is reality.

I don't think the president has the capacity to do his job as president anymore. Him attakcing Bannon's book like this is just one indication that he is lost.

No sane president goes after books because they are too busy protecting our nation. That Trump is going after a book to stop it's publication  only means our nation is vulnerable on many levels now. Trump needs to go.

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