Saturday, January 13, 2018

Understanding what a soul is is a science and not really about religion at all

Religion is a mythololgy regarding science.

Religion often has aspects of science within it.

However, science is science and religion is religion.

Why is all this so confusing to most people?

This for me is easy to answer.

Religion is mostly about money in the end.

Science is about understanding physical things and how they interrelate.

But, what interests people is somewhere in between where Science and religion are.

So, this creates conflicts between science and religion because what science does can be very dry and without feeling for most people.

Then you take religion which can be like watching a Disney movie which is more like a Fairy Tale (or a scary fairy tale) than anything else.

But, you cannot say at all times that "Religion is Science".

However, then there is the science of Religion which is applying science to religion which I feel is a useful endeavor.

So, my point of view was always: "What can I prove to myself in a scientific way while still living my life and staying sane and owning a business and having a family?"

There is an amazing amount that you can scientifically prove to yourself because you DON'T have to prove it to anyone else.

IF you are only scientifically trying to prove things to yourself it saves millions of hours of time trying to prove something to others.

In the end the ONLY person you have to scientifically prove something to is yourself. IF you understand this you can travel infinitely faster than the average person in your understanding of life in the universe.

But before you pass on  please share your realizations with others so they can take your research and go beyond your research into the future. This I feel we have an obligation to do.

If Life gives us the time to have Amazing scientific realizations I think it is our duty before we pass out of this body to share this (as much as possible) with others here on earth.

By God's Grace

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