Friday, March 9, 2018

Imagine a dimension where both time and space don't exist

This is where you will find Dark Matter (which basically just means "Unknown Matter".

This is my sense of why Scientists are having trouble finding this part of the universe because they are still looking for something that contains both time and space. Dark matter doesn't contain time or space at all in it's present form. Time is a construct that ONLY appears when you are creating a matter galaxy and even then ONLY on the matter side of the balance between the matter and anti-matter Galaxies (you need both to have either).

So, from my point of view there are three types of basic things in the universe:

1. matter and time (or time and space)
2. Anti-matter (not sure what goes along with Anti-matter galaxies)
3. Dark or unknown matter.

So, if you are looking for dark matter where only time and space is (matter and time) you are not going to find it.

If you are looking for anti-matter Galaxies where Galaxies are made of matter and time you aren't going to find them either.

My conception of matter and anti-matter galaxies goes something like this.

To build a galaxy from scratch out of dark matter the first thing you have to do is to separate it into both a matter galaxy and an anti-matter galaxy at the same time.

So, first you build a black hole to get the anti-matter and matter galaxies to stay in balance with each other.

Once you build your black hole out of dark matter then you can start building the balance between the matter galaxy on one side of the black hole like our milky way galaxy and the balance of all this which is somehow at the other end (dimensionally somehow) of the  anti-matter galaxy.

Because within dark matter (unknown matter is both matter and anti-matter and the seeds of time and space which are found likely ONLY in the matter side of a galaxy.

But in it's natural state time does not exist yet until you create your matter galaxy and likely it's alternate dimension and Anti-matter galaxy to balance the matter galaxy.

So, it could be thought that the natural state of the Galaxy (96% of it) IS the Dark matter or presently unknown matter and the rest of the universe is composed of Galaxies and their dimensional opposites anti-matter galaxies.

How you find an anti-matter galaxy on the other end of a black hole in the center of each matter galaxy is not available through me at least at this time.

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