Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Life is a Miracle!

From the beginning my life has always been a miracle. The main difference of my life to other's lives is I'm alive and they are dead. So, it has always been a miracle (over and over again that God and angels always keep saving my life). I watch people much younger than I buy the farm and wonder what happened?

So, as I near 70 now I look at all the Grace in my life from Whooping cough at age 2 that "Angels saved me from", of Blunt Trauma childhood epilepsy which God coming into my body and living with me saved me from (which also kept me out of the Viet Nam War) which also saved my young life then. To, having to leave my childhood religion for being too 60s and progressive and having to deal with being suicidal from 21 to 25. But, then God saved me once again by my getting married and raising a son at age 26 so I couldn't think about my needs any more I had to raise my son right. To, age 29 I'm a single Dad with my own business for 3 years time. Luckily my parents stepped in so I could run my business And be a Dad too. It goes on and on throughout my life of the miracle my life has always been. Now two marriages later with 2 more daughters (who I am close with just like my son) I have had a really amazing life! Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans!

Thank You God for all your many many blessings including the precious gift of life and family always ongoing!

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