Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Negotiations are Different in Asia than in the Western World

I think the best way to explain this might be to say, 'There has been 6000 years and more of Chinese culture and Korea once likely was a part of China but seceded somehow and then the first Japanese that colonized Japan were from Korea. So, this might be the best way to start this conversation.

Then, we look at how North Korea has played "Everyone for a fool!", the U.S., Japan, South Korea, everyone on earth.(including China). However, Trump is seen as an ignorant Barbarian Businessman (which isn't far wrong in some ways) but they also see him as a loose cannon not following any Asian Rules at all which is disturbing for EVERYONE in Asia (except for South Korea) who doesn't want Seoul blown off the map with nukes.

So, from everyone's point of view maybe (except South Korea) Trump offering to meet Kim Jong UN is an incredible sign of weakness (from an Asian point of view).

But, not to Trump the businessman who is used to getting things done money wise for his business. From Trump's point of view anything that works is useful. From China and Japan's point of view Trump is a country bumpkin barbarian "loose nuclear cannon" who doesn't get North Korea or how things are done in Asia for thousands of years.

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