Friday, March 9, 2018

reprint of Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area from 2015


I visited Las Vegas because my wife and I like to see the shows there. Also, often I will rent a muscle car like a mustang or a Camaro because my wife owned a 1968 Mustang and I owned a 1968 Camaro that I bought new when I was 20 in 1968 and working in Computer operations then in Los Angeles and going to college at the same time. But, the Hoover dam is expected to be torn down eventually and the bridge you see is built to be a by-pass because the road across the top of the dam won't exist anymore. So, if you want to drive this road across the top of the Hoover dam or go down inside it on a tour there you likely need to do this soon.

Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

  1. The above three photos are of the Hoover Dam. The top one is of the top of the dam, the 2nd one is further down. The third one is the water coming out of the dam which appears to be green.

    Also, while I was there staying in Las Vegas and seeing shows like La Reve (which is great by the way) I also visited Red Rock Canyon National Conservation area. The panoramic photo I took below of one of the places I parked there.

  1.  Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area -...
    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, located 20 miles west of Las Vegas off State Highway 159, allows visitors to hike, picnic and view plant and animal life ...
The last photo here is a view of the Colorado River which leads into the Hoover Dam. If you drive across the bridge you go from either Nevada into Arizona or Arizona into Nevada.
This last  photo is a freeway bypass of the Hoover dam down river of the Dam because they plan to eventually demolish this dam because it is getting old and they don't want the dam to break and flood everyone downstream at once and kill them all. So, this freeway is a bypass of the dam once it is gone.

So, literally if the San Andreas movie ever happened in real life before they demolish this dam it really would be bad news for everyone downstream of the dam.

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