Monday, March 12, 2018

Traveling North or south through Santa Barbara via Highway 101?

It might be a good idea to go to 

Caltrans and put in 101 into the blank to see if it is 
still open during the next 3 days for travel. 
Because the easiest way to get over to 5 if it is closed is highway 46 in Paso Robles if you are
heading south or if you are in Los Angeles just
head north on 5 towards all points north like
San Francisco, Sacramento or Ashland or Portland or Seattle. If you go to the word button that says
"Travel" near the bottom here and click on it at the bottom of the
page you see a search button. Put  101 in the blank
and hit "search to see if 101 is open through
Santa Barbara north or south.

I just checked it an so far at least 101 is still open through Santa Barbara and Montecito as of 11:24 pm PDT

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