Thursday, January 10, 2019

Trump is Blackmailing our whole nation

Possibly in exactly the same way Putin has been blackmailing him all along.

But, it is obvious now Trump isn't thinking in a realistic way about what is good for America.

He is a devious spiteful old man demonstrating senility and intelligence sort of like a Mafia Don or a Drug Lord in his actions now.

What he is doing is obsolete and recalcitrant and not useful for anyone on earth.

It might be different if he was even fighting for something useful. But, he's not.

So, I can only view this as subterfuge and revenge against our nation for prosecuting investigations against him. The level of selfishness here is beyond anything I've ever seen in a sane person.

Because of this I no longer consider our president sane or fit for office anymore.

We might need to change the way our government works so it's easier to have "No confidence votes" like European leaders have with their presidents and prime ministers in the future.

Otherwise, Trump or someone like him will completely destroy our form of government and we will have nothing left.

Trump might very well do this before he is impeached where our government just becomes so completely dysfunctional that it completely stops working permanently.

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