Friday, January 11, 2019

Why is Trump Bringing on a recession with a long Government Shutdown?

Is it just he needs the FBI not to be paid at all (like now) so they cannot afford to investigate him? Is it that he needs the IRS to not be functional (like now) so it cannot give copies of his tax returns to the House?

The reasons he is shutting down government make no sense at all from a logical point of view. Something else entirely is going on. I believe our very system of government may be in jeopardy here.

Is Russia taking over our government through Trump or just destroying our government completely through Trump?

These questions need to be answered RIGHT NOW! before Trump declares a National Emergency and maybe ends our system of government forever!

We don't want our democracy to end simply because of daily shell shocks from someone like Trump clouding our better judgement ever since he was inaugurated.

Was it his plan all along (or Putin's) to end our democracy?

Is Trump being blackmailed into ENDING our democracy once and for all?

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