Monday, July 29, 2019

Conservatives in UK are forcing a "NO Deal Brexit" in order to punish poor and middle Class Business owners

for voting for Brexit in the first place.

So, as small business owners go bankrupt all over England with a No Deal Brexit it will force middle Class and small business owners out of business, so if they want to regain financial solvency they will be forced to rejoin the EU in order to not be forced onto the dole en masse.

This is the plan of the Conservative Party in England led by Britain's Trump called "Boris Johnson" because the Conservative party who are more investors didn't want to separate from the EU in Brexit to begin with. So, like I said it is one way to force England back into the Eu at some point in the future. Will this work or create more chaos? Likely both. But, either way the rich will likely be okay and the poor and middle Class with suffer incredibly along with the British economy.

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