Tuesday, July 30, 2019

More regarding Moore's Law

I remember studying this in college around 1970 and I think if you average computer progress from 1970 until the present this still holds true or more even today. But, it might be more useful as an average increase in capability of computers during this same period.

For example, in the early 2000s it was believed it would be impossible to have a self driving car and yet we have rudimentary self driving cars now here in 2019 (even though it isn't really safe enough not to have someone riding along as a backup driver for emergencies yet (and might never be) on a liability level if you know anything about technology at all. But, there always will be people not really understanding all this that might trust their lives to this kind of technology and most likely will survive this.(in the long run) sort of like planes how they developed from 1903 to the present and how many people died in them as they were perfected between then and now.

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The first known fatal accident involving a vehicle being driven by itself took place in Williston, Florida on 7 May 2016 while a Tesla Model S electric car was engaged in Autopilot mode.

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