Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Fantasy ending to "Once upon a time in Hollywood"

No. I won't give it away but nevertheless it is a very satisfying ending for this movie. I think this is one reason why this movie could be the most popular of all Quentin Tarantino movies especially by people like myself who actually lived through what actually happened in history then.

It was very hard to lose Janice Joplin and Jimmie Hendrix and all the rest during those few years while also losing 50,000 Americans in Viet Nam also at the same time. But, the best way I can put this is that what happened in Viet Nam and the Kennedy assassination and his brother and Martin Luther King and all the rest of the public or not so public things that happened were all a part of the insanity of the 1960s from the bay of Pigs, to the Cuban Missile Crisis to everything else that happened then. And this didn't really end until the boys came home from Viet Nam and Nixon resigned from office where things started to seem a little saner than they had since the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Kennedy assassination. But then, we were dealing with the quadrupling of gas and diesel prices which took us into recession after recession until Clinton became president in 1992. So, there really was only about  8 years when things seemed almost completely okay before 9-11 happened and the world went insane once again. Then the 2000s became a whole new kind of insanity. Then Obama became a relief from that insanity only to be replaced by the ultimate insanity of Trump. As the world oscillates back and forth one wonders if it is all just going to fly apart into space one of these days? Or will things just go on like they have for hundreds of thousands of years already as we move into the next ice age caused by Global Warming.

Note: Global warming has preceded every ice age here on earth by the way. So, I figure we might have between 1000 to 10,000 years before the next ice age begins (or less).

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