Wednesday, July 31, 2019

No one completely survives childhood intact

Though this is an odd statement the point I'm trying to make here is: "Exactly how much abuse can each person stand?" There is no perfect family. There is no perfect life because it is all sort of shades of grey. Should a family get divorced? Is it really better to stay together for the children? What kind of abuse can your children survive in actuality not in theory. And what constitutes abuse?

I think people try to make children's lives "perfect" but there is no perfection really and the more perfect a child's life is growing up the more hell their 20s are likely to be.

Look at me. I had a perfect family growing up. I had a father who always financially supported us a really great Mom and Grandmother that always lived with us and I was Prince Fredric to my mother and Grandmother and to King Fred, my father.

So, what happened in my early 20s? I wanted to kill myself because life was just too hard. I had had too easy of a life growing up and so my early 20s I wanted to die. BUT, by 26 I was married, raising a baby son and my life started working. I couldn't believe how much respect people gave me for marrying my girlfriend who got pregnant and began supporting her and my son. It was far far more respect than anyone I knew got from getting a Bachelor's degree in college. And I was on my way to a good life and by 32 to 37 I was really happy until my father passed away when I was 37.

But, the happiness and security I felt in my childhood died when I had to graduate high school and enter college and have to go work full time at jobs. And then I wanted to die for several years before my live in girlfriend got pregnant.

So, if you have had a really difficult childhood it is possible you will really like your 20s because you might have an easier time of it in college than you ever did growing up.

For example,  my son and his step brother and step sister all had to endure 2 divorces in their lives each. What is that going to do to them? From my point of view it all made them be successful in life and all of them  seemed to do much better in their early 20s than I did from a really happy contented family and grandmother living with us.

So, if you have had an easy secure childhood you really have to watch out for your 20s. Because sometimes your early 20s are a real killer. So, be careful. But, the other way to look at it is I survived all this. And if you are tough enough  and willful enough so will you. I only survived because I'm capable of being very self disciplined like a soldier when I need to be. This is what got me through the roughest times of all.

By God's Grace

Note: Of course ALL boys were trained to be soldiers in the 1950s and 1960s  in public schools across America because they all expected us to all die in a nuclear war or armageddon so they trained us all and drafted us and more people my exact age died in the Viet Nam War than any other age group of people that went there.

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